Electrical Services

Here at INTPRO Ltd. we are highly experienced in power system studies and have undertaken a wide range of complex studies for many large clients and on many complex plants.

We undertake power flow studies to validate the performance of power systems during normal and abnormal conditions in order to improve the power factor. We study and simulate fault levels to ensure that the equipment can safely interrupt any short circuit that may occur on the system.

We carry out arc flash studies in order to identify a specific arc flash hazard at a given piece of equipment. The result of the study will categorise the hazard at a specific equipment, based on the incident energy, as well as identifying the Arc Flash Protection Boundary. This ensures equipment is operating within safe limits and what level of PPE is required.

We undertake a range of harmonic analysis techniques to ensure power quality and mitigate any problems. We can also carry out a wide range of protection grading studies. We simulate faults on any part of the network and confirm the exact operating sequence and times for the protective devices. We will help specify and set-up differential protection schemes for transformers, switchgear, cables etc.

We carry out transient stability studies, which are used to measure voltage stability, frequency stability in relation to faults, loss of main supplies, generation and load acceptance and rejection.

We will undertake dynamic motor analysis to identify voltage sag, motor and load behaviour, and dynamic response of any generators on the system.

We are well equipped to deliver a complete range of electrical design including initial feasibility studies, estimation of total power demand, design and negotiation of Grid and Primary substation connections, selecting appropriate voltage levels, transformer rating, earthing approach and fault levels.

We will also provide detailed primary and secondary design drawings to fully define an electrical system. We’ll produce a wide range of equipment specifications, including cable sizing and schedule. We consider all aspects of the cable installation and identify any factors that may affect the cables rating.

We undertake a complete earthing design for power systems to ensure all equipment are correctly earthed with the right sized conductor.

Intelligent Process Solutions

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We are reliable, transparent and flexible, and adopt a highly collaborative approach to provide you with the best solutions.

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